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The Freedom You Want…
The Help you Need…

Could you use help selecting curriculum for your 1st–12th grade student?

Do you want to strengthen your child’s reading, writing, and speaking skills?

Do you want your child to recognize God at work throughout creation and across history?

Would you benefit from professional evaluation of your child’s work?

Do you want your child to have opportunities to engage with peers in valuable discussion and dialogue?

Could you use a few hours each week for running errands?

What Veritas Provides

Veritas Classical School offers homeschooling families a unique complement to their home study programs by providing classroom instruction with an emphasis on classical as well as traditional subjects taught from a distinctly Christian perspective.

It is not uncommon for homeschooling families to feel the need for assistance in the planning and structuring of curricula, in providing motivation for their students, in the teaching of various special subjects, and in the objective evaluation of their students’ work. Homeschooled students also often lack peer interaction in an academic atmosphere, where challenging discussion, debate, and idea-analysis are encouraged.

What You Can Expect

Veritas Classical School has been established to provide homeschooled students with:

  • Integrated humanities curriculum that includes literature and vocabulary, composition and grammar, history, Bible, critical thinking, and Latin.
  • Math and science classes that engage students with the wonder of the way God has made the world and prepare students for continued study beyond high school.
  • Detailed assignment sheets sent home each week, outlining the work to be completed at home.
  • Accountability for completing assignments and staying on a reasonable schedule.
  • The help of a professional teacher with difficult subjects as well as special projects and other enrichment activities not frequently included in home school studies.
  • Evaluation of student’s progress by experienced educators.
  • Weekly peer interaction in an academic environment.
  • Opportunities for group and individual public presentation at each of our four yearly school programs.

More About the Program

When students gather with their peers as a class each week, they are guided by an experienced educator through the humanities, math, or science curriculum. At home throughout the week, parents and students will be able to refer to the textbooks in order to complete assignments and move deeper into the material presented in class. The teachers are available by phone and email during the week to answer questions.

Each week, students participate in a combined grade-level classroom that allows them to interact with peers, participate in classroom discussion, and complete group projects. Students take home an assignment sheet detailing the work to be completed at home before the next class day.

Our academic program has been created to challenge students to think critically and grow in their knowledge of humanities, math, and science through reading, writing, rigorous study, special projects, and presentation with the integration of biblical truth in all subjects. We welcome all students who are willing to apply themselves to the best of their abilities.

Humanities classes meet on Tuesdays and math and science classes meet on Thursdays at our campus on Sparkman Drive in Huntsville, Alabama.

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