Partnering with Homeschool Families in North Alabama

Don't take our word for it... Listen to what families like yours have to say about how Veritas has helped them...

“As a resource to homeschoolers, you and your wonderful school have been invaluable to our family. Both [of our children] experienced dramatic improvements in reading, writing, and critical thinking skills after spending a year in your classes. Thank you for the personalized instruction you provided to both our children.  Thank you for carefully selecting the curriculum to expose our children to such great ideas and great people. Thank you for helping [our children] keep track of assignments throughout the year. Thank you, for doing your job with excellence, and doing it consistently.”

-Stephen M.


“You set the bar for [our son] higher than I probably would have and it showed me that he is capable of doing more and it has helped him to mature.  I am very thankful for you, the other teachers, and the school. I would not have traded this last year for anything (even though I was overwhelmed at times.)”

Lisa W.


“Veritas truly provides the best education that I know of! It is such a blessing to have a place where our children can go and be safe in a Christian environment. To have such great teachers with all the wonderful programs and projects is all we could ask for. You are responsive to questions and requests and I’m sure [our son] has learned more than even he thought he could! I have been so impressed with the materials chosen and all you do. You are doing a great thing for our community.”

-Wendy M.


 "The lesson plans and accountability have made our home schooling so much easier.  We have also appreciated the opportunity to learn how to manage time throughout the week.  The teachers and staff are kind and compassionate, looking for the best in our boys!  Thank you so much."
-Amy C.

"Veritas Classical School has provided many things for my family: classroom experiences of working with others and adapting to new authority figures and teachers,  assurance that we cover the many areas of humanities study without missing anything, and motivation that comes from knowing that what we learn during the week will be shared in class.  My daughter looks forward to Wednesdays and thinks that's the day she gets to "skip school!"  From both educational and social standpoints we made a great decision in coming to Veritas."

-Carrie V.

 "I just want to inform the parents of ... other Homeschool families (as well of prospective families possibly desiring to Homeschool their child(ren) about the excellent program that Veritas offered our family for 2 years!  This program taught our 2 girls the importance of public communication, foreign language, history, logic, biblical studies and confidence to forge into the college academic environment with great success!  The teachers at Veritas not only enriched our girls' lives by good and godly example, but taught them to forge ahead even when subjects seemed a bit difficult.  Study habits and finishing tasks helped our girls across the board not only with home duties, but also the striving for excellence in their music and other talents they have been gifted with.
The staff was always caring and warm-hearted toward the academic, moral and spiritual development of each student.  The communication between parents and staff/teachers was always made available and attainable.
The peers/students were a wonderful encouragement toward one another. Each student's dilligence to be the "cream of the crop" was so evident during the special presentations given by the students for the parents at Christmas, Valentine's, etc. 
Basically, a real maturity in character and academic challenge is what the Veritas Program blessed our 2 girls with.
We as a family encourage this wonderful supplemental program to encourage and enrich your children's lives."
-Carolyn M.


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